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Just blows me away**

Okay, it’s like this:

I’ve started a zillion posts this month but they’re all too ranty to bother finishing. The good news is that I’m not the only one with classroom management issues. The bad news is that, with the exception of extreme cases, many of us are not finding much support in the way of discipline from admins. We are, however, still being hounded about test scores. So, yeah. There’s that whole vicious cycle thing going on with that. You other teachers out there know what I’m talking about. Still, I’m happier than I was at old school, I love the other teachers on my team and I will make it through the year without being fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

In other news, SweetPea is still taking dance classes (Ballet & Tap) and is having a blast with it. Despite her ever growing stubborn streak and challenging authority at home, she is all smiles & cooperation in class – as far as I can tell from watching the video feed (parents are not invited to be in the classroom), so I’m pretty proud of her twirling mass of energy. Not the most graceful of the bunch, but certainly the most enthusiastic of them. It. Is. Darling!

Aaaaand I’m back in my fat pants. The energy I spend racking my brain for more strategies to use in the classroom has sapped my desire to move elsewhere. Despite clocking over 10,000 steps on teaching days, I’m too tired to care about cooking, and James is equally busy and worn out. I’m back at 140 and the only hope I have for changing that is eating better. I’m not going to set any goals or guidelines for myself right now but without my spanx I’d need another set of clothes. So, yeah. There’s that, too.

I’ll write more when I get some time off and the frustration I’m having in the classroom isn’t clouding my every thought.

**Title of post from Unskinny Bop by Poison


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