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Good times come & good times go**

Scene: Living room

It’s a 3 day weekend. I’m sitting on a big cushion, using the coffee table as a desk, grading sprawled out in every direction. SweetPea is napping & I’m trying to make the most of this down time.

Bella, sleeping in her bed across the room, begins to whimper as she dreams. I call her name and make a kiss-kiss noise to snap her out of it. Her ears flick forward and she looks at me. I soothe her, keep grading.

Bella springs up and heads towards me, eyes plaintive.

Me: You’re okay, Bells. It was just a dream.
Bella, stopping two feet in front of me: Hurlp! Hurlp! Hurlp! Gaaaaaaaaaaak!
Me, watching her sick pool up on the carpet: Alrighty then. Outside!

I open the back door & let her out. She gets sick on the patio, then sulks off to chew on grass while I dig under the kitchen sink for a rag & a bottle of Folex. I spend the next 10 minutes cleaning the carpet, then I go out & hose off the patio. Bella darts inside & immediately settles back in her bed. I come in and close the sliding glass door behind me. I click the lock and settle back into my grading spot when I hear SweetPea sneeze a couple of times & start chatting to her stuffed animals via the baby monitor.

Some call it Murphy’s Law, but it’s par for the course around here these days. Just when I feel like I’m finally getting in the groove, something springs up and gets sick at my feet.


**Title of post from Story Of My Life by Social Distortion


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