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What rhymes with “Hug Me”?**

Spending our days trying to keep SweetPea busy, happy, and NOT in front of the television.

I’m not sure for whom it’s more exhausting – her or me.

Wait, I know – Me. Because I’m drop-dead-tired by 4 p.m., whereas she’s still raring to go for another 4 hours.

This week’s been a little wonky. She hasn’t napped since Monday. Not that she hasn’t been given the opportunity, just that she hasn’t been sleeping during the offered down time.

I’m scared this is the end of naps. I’m seriously very scared. And I hate to be scared.

Somebody please hold me.

**Title of post from Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell


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4 thoughts on “What rhymes with “Hug Me”?**

    1. LOL! So now I can get her to take a nap but only downstairs on the couch, wherein we have to be quiet for the first 40 minutes so she’ll fall asleep and then stay quiet for another hour so we don’t wake her up! Thank goodness for headphones, TiVo streaming & iPads!

  1. Please don’t tell me the naps ever stop… It’s the one thing keeping me going! Lol xx it is exhausting trying to come up with new and exciting ways to entertain them isn’t it… We have Monday pyjama day which allows me enough energy to keep going until the weekend then pass the toddler over to my husband for a while😉 haha xxx

    1. Trying very hard to recalibrate & get back to napping in bed. I think she WOULD have slept yesterday but just when things had quieted down I heard a ruckus in the bathroom and then she came down half-naked and weepy and said,”Mom, I need a little help…” When I went up to check it out she had missed the toilet by about 6″ and there was poo everywhere! Suffice it to say she wasn’t going to settle down enough to nap after that! Will keep trying. I’ve got 5.5 weeks left of summer break and I’m not ready to give up on naps yet!

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